At Newspace Homes (New home building company in perth)we have broken down the building process into 8 fundamental steps. Some of these stages are absolutely critical. At Newspace Homes we always clearly outline some of the pitfalls when embarking on the home building process to new clients. Here is a quick overview.

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Looking for a change in your living arrangement. Whether you are looking to build a new home or renovate your existing home you have ideas in your mind which you would like to bring into reality.


Fact finding

This is where people start looking on the internet, newspaper, display homes etc… to get some ideas of what they would like in their new space. Most of the time they get caught up with sales people with shiny brochures selling their product. You wont find that here



When building a new home you need a piece of dirt to build it on. Buying this piece of dirt can be fraught with danger. Not only is the block size and frontage a concern, there are covenants, easements and truncations to be concerned with.


Engage a builder

This step is absolutely critical. A respectable builder should want to know what you want. Not just make a sale. At Newspace Homes we will only build for a client if they are 100% happy and have total clarity on the building process.



Another critical stage. This is where the client has articulated to the builder what they want and the builder has made it into a legal document, you may also know this as a contract. This stage and the previous are the most critical in the process as far as the client is concerned. If the builder does not fully understand what the client wants and the client thinks the builder does this could spell disaster. We wont let that happen here.



This is an industry term where the customer chooses colours, taps, toilets, tiles etc… During this period a lot of work is going on behind the scenes i.e council approvals, engineers certifications, working drawings etc…



This stage is quite obvious, it is where your house/extension gets built. Footings & Slab, Brick walls built, roof pitched, roof cover put on, Doors hung etc…


Hand over

This is where in a new home the customer gets their keys and they get ready to move in after their final inspection. Or with an addition/renovation a final inspection of the new works